What season is your style?

Posted on February 25, 2015 

The season that you pick for your wedding is very important. It often reflects the couples personality or style. It's also the season that you and your loved one will be celebrating your anniversary on every year. The season you pick could be based on your favorite time of year, a season that reminds you of how you met or a special time in your relationship. You may be picking the season to match the color palette of your wedding or the season that your favorite flowers are in bloom. No matter the reason, you should make sure that it is a time of year that you will enjoy celebrating on your wedding day and anniversary for many years. 

- Spring is often related to new life, growth and purity. It is the second most popular season for weddings. The color palette is based on bright and lively earth tone colors that pop. Flowers like tulips, peonies, daffodils and many other plants will start to bloom as the weather warms up. Early spring may still be cool and rainy, weddings are most often scheduled in late spring to avoid snow or rainy weather. 

- Summer is the most popular time of year to get married, so it may be difficult to get an exact date if you have not planned ahead. Most flowers are in bloom and the days are hotter and longer. Summer wedding color pallets are usually either vibrant or pastel, or a combination of one main bright color and a few light pastels. 

- Fall is a popular wedding time for WNC because we have a very colorful leaf change season and summer is starting to cool off. Common colors are red orange gold and brown in neutral or bright earth tones. The color change of the leaves paired with vibrant earth tones make for great contrasting wedding photographs. Late fall weddings we recommend to be earlier in the day so that guests do not get too cold when the sun goes down.

- Winter weddings are often associated with the magic and romance of christmas time, but can be quite cold. Winter time colors vary between rich deep colors,light neutrals and metallics. A variety of flowers will be less common in winter but the cold weather actually keeps the flowers looking fresh all day after they have been cut. Snow can be an amazing backdrop for photographs but often leaves your guests uncomfortable and cold. Winter is the least popular time of year for weddings and costs the least. But may be stressful combined with all the planning of the holidays.

Opening of Double Creek Ranch

Posted on July 8, 2014 

Double Creek Ranch has been hosting weddings on this property for family members in the past 20 years but we have just recently decided to open our home and land to new couples looking for a rustic outdoor wedding location. We are excited to welcome new families into our ranch and wish to make your wedding day one of the most memorable events of your life.

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