1) What time does the music have to end?

Live bands usually have their own time limit of service, we work with them as long as there are no complaints. If your event recieves complaints through Buncombe county police we are required to turn down the volume or stop music completely, we also require guests to leave if they become unruly.

2) Do you provide alcohol?

Yes, We handle all the details for you. Alcohol permits and a licensed bartender to distribute alcohol. All alcohol must be distributed by a bartender, no exceptions. We will quote you cost depending on your party size and which type of alcohol you choose. You purchase the alcohol through us and we set it up for the bartender. No outside alcohol allowed. Our bartender or owner has the right to cut-off guests from alcohol consumption if we deem them a hazard.

3) Do we need an insurance policy?

Yes. You must buy an insurance policy covering your vendors if any are not licensed professionals(Friends/family). Each professional vendor will usually make you sign a contract stating that they are not responsible for any damage/injury. By signing our contract you agree that we are not responsible for damage or injury of any kind to you, your guests, or any vendors. We must recieve a copy of your insurance policy before your event date.

4) Do you have a fire pit or yard games?

Yes. There is an inground fire pit by the creek and reception area, if you would like to use it during your event please notify us ahead of time so we can have firewood prepared and one of our staff to tend to the fire. We also have yard games available by request. (Cornhole, horseshoes)

5)  Where is parking? Is there a shuttle for guests?

We have a designated area for parking by the barn, on each side of the driveway. For large groups we provide a parking attendant and a golf cart to shuttle guests to and from their car for $100/cart. This cart is for the day of wedding only and they are only to be driven by DCR staff. 

6) Is there a place for the bridal parties to get ready on site?

Use of the dressing suites is separate from the venue rental fee. $300 for Upper suite and $250 for lower suite. The Bride/Bridesmaids and Groom/Groomsmen may use the designated areas of the main house 4 hrs. prior to your wedding start time. The house is not to be used during the wedding ceremony or reception. No other guests are allowed to use the house, only bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen. All personal items must be removed from the house by the start of the ceremony. (Kitchen, Office, Workout room, garage and use of the pool or hot tub are off limits.) 

7) Is an officiant/minister provided?

No, We can recommend an officiant for you if you do not have one.

8) Do you do venue only or can you help pla n our event?

You may rent the venue only, we can help you plan at an additional cost, or suggest some other vendors for you to contact. All important information (Rental deliveries etc) must be organized through us before the event takes place no matter who is planning the event. The cost of our planning has various factors, please contact us for a quote. 

9) What do I need to do to reserve a date?

We can check our calendar and tell you our available dates, if you have a specific date that you would like for your event we cannot promise that date will be reserved for you until the contract is signed and your deposit is made.
Schedule a meeting or call us to discuss the size of your wedding and possible dates. We will write up a contract for you describing the guidelines. 
Once the contract is signed and the deposit is made your date will be officially reserved. 

10) What is included in the cost of the Venue Rental?

Venue rental includes use of the 8 acre outdoor space from 10am-11pm the day of your event. Parking by the barn. Electrical box by the river, and either or both of our 2 arbors. Fire pit and yard games are free to use but must be requested before the event day. The Venue fee covers the day of the wedding only (Not rehearsal or day before setup).
If you are planning your own wedding you are responsible for clean up after the event, by 10am the following day, no exceptions. You will be charged a cleaning fee if it is not completed on time.

11)  Can we leave cars overnight if some guests are not able to drive home?

We do allow people to leave their cars behind if they are able to pick them up the next morning. We recommend that people carpool to the wedding or use an Uber/Lyft so that there are no safety issues with drunk driving. Double Creek Ranch and our staff are not responsible for your guests safety in the event of an incident. Any damage done by your guests will be charged to you.

12) Do you offer rental items?

We offer decor items and some lighting but do not have any tents/tables/chairs/linens etc to offer. We have propane heaters, beverage dispensers, signs, some string lights, lanterns, table decorations and vases. Most are considered rustic style. You may request to check them out in person or we can email you pictures/quantities and quote you a price. We offer our Decor Package for $600 and you have use of any or all of the items that we have available, including our 2 golf carts.

​Please visit our Pricing page for more information or our Gallery to take a look at our Venue